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Screen Used Ghost Trap Ghostbusters II (1989)

Cast in lightweight fiberglass, with aluminum detail plates and a metal handle. It features the original graphics and yellow stripe taping on the top, as well as the original wheels and bearings that originally allowed the piece to roll. The bottom of the trap also features the "V-hook", which allowed the trap to clip onto the actor's belts in the film. The piece also retains its electronic lighting components. With the flip of a small switch which is located on the back of the unit a LED bar graphs lights up on the top end of the piece along with a red light, and eventually a red flashing LED on the back of the unit, letting you know the ghost has been secured safe and sound.

This particular piece screen matches to the scene in the courtroom at the beginning of the table where the Ghostbusters gear is laid out for inspection. The most unique thing about this trap is its raw aluminum bottom plate – all other traps that have been sold previously had black bottom plates. The raw color bottom plate clearly stands out in the film. You can also match up wear and markings on the bottom plate and the front and side plates, and match up the angle that the yellow tape stripes have been applied to the top.


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